What should I bring?

Your good mood, sunglasses, high index cream, swimwear, casual dress day, t-shirt, shorts, ties … .. forget your costumes … and opt for light clothing by providing a little jacket for the evening ( even in summer)

What kind of luggage should I take?

It is imperative to travel with flexible bags, suitcases do not use rigid type of luggage

Should I bring my towels, my sheets …?

No, first of all the beds are made on arrival and towels are provided (1set * / person / cabin / week), possible extra cost to have an extra set of sheets and / or Attention towels for the beach towels are not included.

* A set includes a bath towel, 2 bath towels, hand towels 2.

What should I wear on the boat?

Shoes are forbidden on … except sailor shoes, flip flops and, during the day it is recommended wearing a suit with shirt, sarong, …. and casual evening (if stiletto ladies, we will ask you to put on the outside of the boat)

I may have seasickness?

Some people are more sensitive than others but we planned a program for sailors “freshwater” which mean pleasant sailing for all, it is less frequent to be inconvenienced on a sailboat compared to an ocean liner crossing the Channel.

What kind of equipment do you on board?

kitchen with fridge, freezer, stove, oven, microwave oven, coffee maker, kettle, plates, cups, glasses, pots, barbecue, covered.

How equipped is my cabin?

Remember aboard a yacht cabins are “small” compared to a hotel stay, despite that you are aboard a 49 feet, you still have a bathroom with toilet, shower and private practical storage.

What travel documents?

For European citizens identity card and outside the EEC check with he competent authorities. Please note, children must carry their identity card.

What drinks are included in the formula to the cabin?

Coffee, tea, juice, water, soft. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the formula

Should I participate in the maneuvers?

No. But if you wish to participate, the skipper will teach you to hoist the sails, to the marine knots, to help moor the boat …

Safety on board the boat

The program Presets the day of departure according to the weather reports, the boat does not sail above 5 Beaufort so the circuit may be modified to a peaceful and safe navigation. Your boat complies with European standards navigation.Tout program change does not allow you to claim compensation or refund of your stay. Any excess and aggressive, dangerous, and all illegal substances will not be tolerated and end your cruise without compensation or refund.