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Frequently Asked Questions – Tips – Basic Tips and Rules

What should I bring with me? Your good mood, sunglasses, sunscreen (absolutely a great sunscreen and a cap / or hat to protect you from the reverberation of the sun on the sea), swimwear, casual wear the day, … forget your costumes Ties … and opt for light clothing with a small waistcoat for the evening (even in summer). We also advise you to take some cash with you, because in some islands or isolated beaches the cards are not accepted.

What kind of luggage should I take? It is imperative to travel with flexible bags, do not use rigid luggage of the luggage type which is not accepted at
To save space in our storage areas.

Should I bring my towels, sheets …? No, first of all the beds are made on arrival and towels are provided (1set * / pers / cabin / week included), possibility to have an additional set of sheets and / Wipes. Caution towels for the beach are not included.
* One set includes: bath towel, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels

What should I wear on the boat? The shoes are prohibited on board, … except the special sailor shoes, during the day is advised wearing the jersey with t-shirt or pareo, …. And casual evening dress (if ladies needle heel, we will ask you to shoe them off the boat)

Can I get seasickness? Some people are more sensitive than others but we have a program for “freshwater” sailors, which means
Navigations agreeable to all, it is less common to be inconvenienced on a sailboat compared to a steamer that crosses the English Channel. Absolutely good to eat / lunch before you leave which is essential to not be sick, always be careful not to be cold and so enjoy your Yacht in peace. You will see so many beautiful things that the seasickness will not reach you !!!

What type of equipment is on board? Kitchen equipped with fridge, freezer, stove, oven, microwave, coffee machine, kettle, plates, cups, glasses, pots, 10mb offered – then possibility for a supplement), an annex with motor included in the price, masks, snorkels and fins, equipment of water sports, …

How should we go about shopping? For a supplement, a first refreshment is proposed to you, you complete the list provided with your confirmation voucher, you fill it up and send it up to 8 days before your departure.

How is my cabin equipped? Do not forget on board a sailboat the cabins are “small” if compared to a hotel stay, although you are on a 49ft (15m). You nevertheless have a bathroom with toilet, Private shower and convenient storage, each of them has various storage as well as 12volts and 24volts, extra blankets and ears. The rear cabins are larger in particular than the left one which has a larger bathroom with separate shower, the front ones are smaller it are intended for children or for an adult with a child or for lovers , They have the particularity of becoming a master cabin (the central separation is removed for more comfort), The skyper can sleep in the living room or outside the sailboat, but will have to use a room of water. The sailboat can accomodate up to ‘To 10 people but to have more comfort we advise to leave to 8 maximum. It is preferable to assign a cabin to the skyper but not compulsory.

What travel documents? For European citizens and non-EU citizens, please contact the competent authorities. Attention, children must also have their identity card or passport according to nationality.

What is the cost for meals? In Greece eating is fundamental it is the basis of our culture, but with local products, simple and organic. Prices are more than adequate for a meal at 4 persons in a tavern the addition is about 50 / 60Euro (15 euro / pers). Luxury products such as champagne are more expensive. We advise you to provide a refueling on the day of your arrival with the provisions for breakfast and lunch and to go out in the evening to eat in the taverns. You will find everywhere “super markets” or small grocery stores in all the islands to have Fresh produce, all the time, local markets are to be done absolutely. We advise you to lunch noon lighter in the form of snack, salad … But absolutely eat before leaving for a navigation without worries. Do not forget to share your meal with your skyper!

Do I have to participate in the maneuvers? No, but if you want to participate, the skipper will teach you how to hoist the sails, make the nodes, plot a course explaining the operation of the navigation devices, help him to moor the boat to the marinas, …

Safety on board

The program is pre-established on the day of your departure according to the weather reports, the boat will not sail above 5 beaufort which is why the circuit is likely to be modified for a peaceful and safe navigation. Your boat complies with European navigation standards. Any change of program does not allow you to claim compensation or refund your stay. Excessive and aggressive behavior, dangerous behavior and all illicit substances will not be tolerated and will end your cruise without compensation or refund. Wearing the life-saving galley is compulsory on board, free to wear it or not, but The responsibility of DanosYachintg can under no circumstances be called into question, you must strictly follow the safety instructions during your briefing on the day of departure.

Any damage to the sailboat will be automatically invoiced to the person or group that committed the damage or to the person who reserved the sailboat, the maritime authorities will be automatically notified in case of dispute and the sailboat will be immobilized on the nearest port .

Smoking inside the yacht is strictly forbidden all people who smoke inside the sailboat will end their holidays on the field without any compensation.

It is imperative to report to the captain any health problem (hyper tension, heart problem and specific treatment, allergies …). Any person disembarked by the captain for the safety of the sailboat, the crew, the passenger or even for its own safety , Such person (s) shall terminate the cruise without any
Night navigation is strictly forbidden. The navigation must not exceed 7 hours in succession except in case of force majeure. The veil is obliged to assist any person in danger and / or the boats in difficulties, this modification of program is not a reason to invoke to claim any compensation; International maritime law and Greek law will apply and in case of disputes, only the Greek courts are competent.

Methods of payment – modification – cancellation and additional insurance

Payment terms :
– At the signature of the order form, the traveler will pay a deposit of 30% either via your travel agent, the balance will be payable no later than 1 month before departure (prices are tttc) on the beneficiary account – DOVROS Lampros Nea Lampsakos
Pitioussis 0 postcode 34100 Chalkida N.EYBOIAS – Greece
Bank account National Bank
IBAN GRGR29 01102660000026600154582

– If the traveler makes the reservation less than one month before the departure date, he must pay immediately the total price of the trip

– non-payment within the set deadlines of the total amount of the trip will be considered as a cancellation (see cancellation below)

Terms of amendment:


– no fees will be charged for the modification of the name
– no fees will be charged for the addition or cancellation of a traveler according to the maximum capacity of the boat
– for changes to the departure date, please refer to the cancellation policy below

Changes to the date of return on the spot are in principle more possible, but the traveler who interrupts his / her journey prematurely is not entitled to reimbursement for services not received, all additional costs such as transfer, airplane, At the expense of the traveler.

Cancellation policy by the traveler:
– Cancellations must always be notified in writing, the cancellation indemnity due by the traveler is fixed as follows: up to 60 days before the departure date: 30% of the travel price from the 59th to the 30th day before the date of departure. Departure: 50% of the price of the trip from the 29th to the day of departure: 100% of the trip price

Important advice:
– it is strongly advised to subscribe a travel insurance assistance information with your travel agent or via our intermediary – a copy of your policy will be requested to you to the reservation (assistance cover about 20 € / traveler)

Liste de 1er avitaillement à compléter
° beurre
° Légumes
° Sel
° oignons
° poivre
° tomates
° huile d’olive
° concombres
° vinaigre
° salade
° Mayonnaise
° Conserves
° Ketchup
° Thon
° moutarde
° Anchois
° confiture
° chocolat ( à tartiner)
° Divers
° café moulu / décaféiné
° papier WC
° thé
° Essuie tout
° Cacao
° Serviettes en papier
° céréales
° kit vaisselle écolo
° sucre
° Set d’entretien divers
° lait
° Gel Douche
° oeufs
° Shampoing
° yaourt
° après shampoing
° fruits frais de saison ( une corbeille)
° fromage en tranche ( gouda – Mozzarella)
° brosse à dents
° dentifrice
° assortiment de charcuteries ° Lessive liquide
° fruits secs ° AUTRES …
° jus de fruits °
° Pâtes °
° Pain
° Biscottes
° eau
° bière
° Vin blanc
° Vin Rouge
° Champagne
° Spiritueux
° petit assortiment apéritif salé
° assortiments de biscuits sucrés

Le montant de votre commande sera a régler dès votre arrivée à notre correspondant